Climate change, infection and the airways in a post-pandemic world symposium presented at European Respiratory Society (ERS) Congress 2023


The Clean Breathing Institute demonstrated the intricate interconnections between climate change, air pollution and respiratory health in this symposium. Air pollutants such as PM2.5, NOx and ozone have been shown to contribute to millions of respiratory disease-related deaths globally. These health impacts are compounded by the escalating influence of climate change.

Among those particularly affected are vulnerable demographics - including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with chronic respiratory conditions. It is essential that mitigation strategies are implemented across personal, local, and global levels. These actions are imperative to counteract and protect individuals from the adverse effects of climate change on respiratory systems.

Speakers & presentation titles:

Prof. Fan Chung - Toxic partnership of air pollution and climate change on respiratory health

Dr. Sundeep Salvi - Climate Change: Changing Respiratory Health

Prof. Gary Wong - Respiratory infections in post pandemic era

Prof. Christopher Carlsten - Key lessons, outstanding questions, and future directions regarding climate change, infections and respiratory health in a post-pandemic world